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Chill Out This Summer!

Summer has finally arrived, and it's time to kick back and relax. Sometimes summer nights invite overindulging and staying up too late. Psst! Cool It! is my go-to for headaches & Clarity clears my head.

Let us help you stay cool, digest easier, and calm down so you can enjoy your summer!

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Aromatherapy Insight Meditation by Donation

Draw an Aromatherapy Insight Card and experience the layers of...

Where can you find "THE BEST" ESSENTIAL OILS?

Where can you find "THE BEST" ESSENTIAL OILS?

Thank you for asking! The truth is I'm as picky as they come & yes, I happen to be a Registered Aromatherapist & Essential Oil Therapist since studying this science & art since 2001. I'm not putting any brand of oils up or down here nor am I suggesting multi-level marketing/ direct sales/ or retail are bad.

Sadly our legal label regulations are ridiculously poor so even if a product claims to be 100% natural, pure, 17th party tested, therapeutic grade, so-called food grade or has a trademark that gives it the misleading appearance of being...

Photosensitivity & Essential Oils

Photosensitivity & Essential Oils

If you like to use essential oils in your topical blends, be mindful before going into the sun. Some essential oils like Bergamot, cold expressed Lemon, Lime & Bitter Orange, when exposed to the sun or UV light, can cause moderate to severe redness (sunburn), irritation, and/or possible blistering for up to 72 hours after use. (This reaction can also happen if you use tanning beds).  Expressed or distilled Grapefruit is a slightly lower risk. So use common sense, caution, and cover-up. (Other essential oils that may cause a skin reaction are  Angelica Root, Cumin, Rue, Cinnamon Bark & Verbena). 

The Stigma of Counselling

"You See a Counsellor? What's Wrong with You?" I think it's time to drop the stigma & keep it real.

 BEFORE COUNSELLING: I thought if I needed a counsellor, it meant there was something wrong with me.  
AFTER: Through counselling, I've learned there is nothing wrong with me. I'm ok and I'm enough and I feel better when I have an "outside of my daily life" person to connect with. 

BEFORE COUNSELLING: I'll go to help me through this situation....


Classic Amy Aroma Rant #4526 so please consider yourself kindly warned. I've been asked a lot especially lately about safety concerns re cats, dogs, and essential oils. NO BLANKET STATEMENTS...
Saying Tea Tree is toxic for pets is like saying Clary Sage is toxic for women during pregnancy. If I'm wearing a drop of a diluted blend of essential oils that came from a bottle of 50ml Jojoba oil with 1 drop Clary Sage, 5 drops Neroli, 8 Frankincense (Boswellia thurifera), and 12 drops Bergamot, a pregnant woman around me and her beloved baby are not...