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Chill Out This Summer!

Summer has finally arrived, and it's time to kick back and relax. Sometimes summer nights invite overindulging and staying up too late. Psst! Cool It! is my go-to for headaches & Clarity clears my head.

Let us help you stay cool, digest easier, and calm down so you can enjoy your summer!

The Learning Lounge

Aromatherapy Insight Meditation by Donation

Draw an Aromatherapy Insight Card and experience the layers of this essence in this intuitive, guided meditation with Amy.

Discover the physical, emotional, and energetic properties of essential oils in this unique and sacred aromatherapy practice.

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Reiki Energy Workshop with Ava

If you have never experienced energy modalities or Reiki before, or just need a refresher, this is the class for YOU. Learn the Energy ABCs, and discover the frequency of healing in your cells.

Friday, August 9th | 6:30- 8:30pm

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 Digesting Lunch (and Life)

Kids get tummy aches a LOT, whether it is from something they ate, growing pains, or emotions. Try these solutions for your littles: Children's Tummy Roll-On, or Baby Tummy Massage Oil

For adult digestive issues, try the Warm Up and Slow Down Roll-Ons.Warm Up helps speed up digestion, while Slow Down does exactly what it says.  

Did you know that stress affects your digestion as well? Use the "I Am Enough" roll-on when you need to take a deep breath and relax. 

Summer Essentials

Keep the Lavender Eye Pillow ready in the freezer to soothe puffy eyes and cool down on hot nights. 

Are those "Hot Summer Nights" filled with night sweats and hot flushes? Cool off with the Wise Woman Spray.

Move over pumice! Prep those tootsies for sandal-season with a handmade Clay Foot Exfoliator



The Wellness Room

Shake it Off! Learn to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma, that are stored in the body. Amy will guide you through gentle exercises inspired by the principles of yoga and the innovative Trauma Release Exercises.


Yoga with Amy

Amy teaches yoga in the community, as well as teaches private sessions at The Bar. 

Mondays: Epic Yoga at 10:30 am (drop-ins available). 

Tuesdays: Osprey Village at 11:00am (pre-register for the best price!) 

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