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Private Sessions with Amy Reedman

Private Sessions with Amy Reedman

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Amy Reedman RA® EOT ® 










90 min SESSION  | $185

Add 5 ml Custom Pulse Point Blend or a 30 ml Face & Body Spray $15+

Phone, FaceTime, Zoom and Skype Sessions are available!

Connect with Amy by email at or call The Blending Bar at 778.572.9133

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Amy Reedman RA® EOT® is the founder and owner of The Blending Bar.  In 2001, she found out what aromatherapy isn't before she learned what aromatherapy actually is, due to poor label regulations and sneaky marketing tactics. This was unacceptable to her so she dove in to study true aromatherapy later that year. When Amy became a Registered Aromatherapist® and Essential Oil Therapist®, she followed her commitment and passion to educate people about pure, genuine, and authentic essential oils. In 2009, The Blending Bar was born and 8 years later, she expanded her team and opened the first brick and mortar Blending Bar, Learning Lounge and Wellness Room, in the heart of downtown Maple Ridge.