Authentic You. How Refreshing!

Brand your Business with your Signature Scent

Brand your Business with your Signature Scent

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Provide An Experience. Make The Connection. 

"What a great decision it was to have a Signature Scent done for my business by the aromatherapy geniuses at The Blending Bar. Not only does it make for a unique client gift, but it’s an essential enhancement to any wellness or coaching service. Having a custom blended scent sweetly packaged up with with my logo and branding has been a treat to offer my clients.” - Sandy

Create a multi-sensory experience to provide an emotional and memorable connection the first time your potential client sees your logo, picks up a business card, receives their shipment or shakes your hand.
Elevate your Impression
We are taking our community and global partnerships to the next level by literally providing the essence of your business to your clientele and soon-to-be clientele. Your aromatic blend will deliver the feeling, the emotional connection, the experience that you want your clientele to have when you work with them. Safe, comfortable and supported or exciting, fun and empowered? Let the essential oils do the talking. How refreshing! 

Stamp that Feeling to the Brain
Essential oils make a connection in the part of the brain that controls emotions, hormones, and memory. Together we'll create an aromatic formulation that reflects the brand & culture of your business. Your Signature Scent with your logo on the label will provide an immediate sensory connection and memorable experience for your clientele and your future clientele. 
Inspiration vs. Information 
The desire for information that is now at our fingertips has been replaced by a global craving for inspiration. Inspiration is rooted in connection. Instead of feeling advertised to, your current clientele and your soon-to-be clients will feel connected with you and inspired to reconnect with you. Keep the connection by consistently providing a gentle, safe, supportive experience with your meaningful and memorable Signature Scent. Your clients will remember how they feel while working with you, by the true essence of your business, through the eloquent simplicity of one breath cycle at a time. 
Keep the Connection
You will be provided with strategies to brand your business using your Signature Scent so your clients will feel a connection with you before they meet you, see your website, touch your product, read about your services, or even pick up your business card. With your Signature Scent® available at The Blending Bar®, people will be scenting their homes, offices, and cars with your Signature Scent®, wearing it, spraying it, and even bathing in it, perhaps before they even meet you! 
A Lasting Experience
Elevate your clients' experience by providing your Signature Aromatherapy Line (diffuser blend, roll-on, spray, bath salts, lotion, and countless more options) for your clients to take home their refreshing experience with you. Through the power of scent and memory connection, your Signature Scent product line will create a feeling that lasts long after your clients leave or have placed their order. The memory connection in the brain invoked with your Signature Scent® will continue taking care of them long after you're able to.
Mindful Marketing
Prefer to leave the blends at the bar? Let our Blending Bartenders take care of what we do best by showcasing your Signature Scent at The Blending Bar, with your logo on the label, providing connections with your future clients through an experiential drop on a stir-stick and blending up a bottle to take home. Let us stamp your brand through an emotional connection in the brain while you take care of business.
Create your Signature Scent
Book your private Brand your Business Session with a Registered Aromatherapist at The Blending Bar. Your 75-minute session includes a custom 5 ml 100% pure essential oil diffuser blend. Precious essential oils that may be added at your request, at an additional price. Beloved tax not included.