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Self-Care Circle with Amy Reedman

Self-Care Circle with Amy Reedman

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What if we're not broken and we don't need to be fixed?

Exchange the ongoing cravings for motivation with the calm practice of inspiration. Inspiration invokes a warm and inviting call to action. Motivation is external, exciting, and exhilarating but it comes with an exhausting hangover.

Inspiration invokes the desire to kindly and gently take care of ourselves and distinguishes the struggle to get more, get better, get different. Enough is enough. We don't need help but sometimes we could use a little inspiration. Inspiration is a practice that we can learn to infuse into our daily lives.

Experience how simple and refreshing self-care is instead of self-help. Caring about ourselves is very different from helping ourselves. Amy may incorporate essential oils, breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, EFT tapping, TRE trauma release exercises, Inquiry: The Work of Byron Katie, Ho'oponopo, mirror work, The Law of Attraction, and much more. 

No need to be "on" or "together"! Simply come as you are, with an open heart and a curious mind. Go gently. We can only take one kind and gentle breath at a time.

Join Amy 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm in The Learning Lounge at your favourite bar for a monthly Self-Care Circle. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.

January 22nd, 2019

Discover 4 different Orange essential oils and learn how they affect our moods. Find out how through inhalation, these essences help carry us through SAD, depression, and anxiety.

Orange essences may offer inspiration through inhalation and are used as a powerful tool for mindfulness. Experience our juicy new blend of Sweet Orange, refreshing Bitter Orange, inviting Blood Orange, and cheerful Red Mandarin.

Orange You Glad!