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Intro to Yoga Nidra with Alissa

Intro to Yoga Nidra with Alissa

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Join Alissa for her Intro to Yoga Nidra Wednesday, February 6,  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm  Space is Limited, Pre-Registration is Required 

Yoga Nidra, typically translated as “Yogic Sleep,” is an invitation to a sleep-like state where we can release tension, stress and what is no longer needed. When practiced regularly, Yoga Nidra can improve sleep patterns and concentration, regulate blood pressure and digestion, calm the nervous system and connect you to your own heartfelt desire and source of healing.

We will gradually increase the length of practice and deepen your state of relaxation in this workshop. You will also receive a recording, by email afterward, to practice on your own. We'll have time for journaling insights as well.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who can benefit from relaxation and is comfortable laying on the floor. 

Please bring your own mat, if you have one and your journal.

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Facilitator: Alissa teaches Yoga because she believes in the benefits of self-care practices and enjoys supporting others in the time they set aside for it. She's been teaching Yoga since 2009 and Yoga Nidra since 2013. Yoga Nidra training and practice supported her through one of the most challenging times of her life and improves her sleep, so she's committed to sharing it through classes, workshops and recordings. Follow Alissa at  and