Authentic You. How Refreshing!

Success with Integrity® with Amy Reedman

Success with Integrity® with Amy Reedman

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Join us for a single or combo of your chosen workshops* OR register for the complete Success with Integrity® Certification Course, including an additional 6 Live Online Learning Circles, Private Group Online Chat and Expert Guest Speakers.

*Space is consciously limited. Preregistration required.

12 Thursdays: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm in The Learning Lounge at The Blending Bar

The essence of Success with Integrity® is:

  • April 11/19- It Takes a Village...I'm Not Raised Yet! 
  • April 25/19- Who do You Think You Are? Is it True?
  • May 9/19- Inspiration vs. Information: Authenticity & Passion
  • May 23/19- Are You Running your Life or Is Your Life Running You...down?
  • June 13/19- Run or Rise: Bravery vs. Courage
  • June 27/19- What does Success mean to You?
  • July 11/19- Dream On: Imagine
  • July 25/19- Reality and Worst Case Scenario
  • Aug 8/19-Get Real: Everyone's Not for You
  • Aug 22/19- Inspired Self-Care®: Stop "Doing" Breathing Already!
  • Sept 12/19- Connect the Dots: You are Not Alone
  • Sept 26/19- Look at You: Inner Work Looks Fabulous on You!

This is not your typical motivational course nor is it a "life balance" program.  You will not be told that "it's your time", you should "think positive", or to "just breathe". The prerequisites for this unique and refreshing course are a curious mind and an open heart. If you’re interested, intrigued, but not willing to do some powerful inner work, this is not for you.

The Success with Integrity® course is an investment in your personal and professional toolbox, to serve all aspects of your life, for your whole life.  You'll be encouraged to unveil, honour and stoke your heart’s fire. You'll be inspired to take care of yourself, instead of informed on "what you should be doing". You will learn how to recognize your well-meaning mind's untrue stories that leave you feeling stuck in the past. You don’t live there anymore! You will be provided tangible tools to remember to return to the present moment when the mind forgets, as it will, and how to cultivate trust that you are alright even when the mind forgets.  Welcome home to REALity. How Refreshing!

It’s your Life. Your Success. Your Choice.  

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