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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Regular price $110

Hot Stone Massage The comfort of hot stones and soothing hot towel compress make the Hot Stone Massage deeply relaxing. Allow the warmth to penetrate your body, and melt away the tension. 60 minutes | $110

Enhance your service with a custom aromatherapy blend, invoking a memory connection to your experience. Take your blend home with you to continue receiving the soothing effects of your Hot Stone Massage. 60 minutes + 15 minute Aromatherapy Consult including Custom Blend | $125

    Nicole Overs is a Certified Spa Technician Specialist who sees aromatherapy massage as not only relaxing for the body, but also a healing and re-energizing holistic treatment. Nicole infuses a unique fusion of aromatherapy, deep pressure, Swedish massage, hot stones, hot towel compress, and steam in her holistic services. 

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