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Tap Out Spiraling Thoughts with Amy

Tap Out Spiraling Thoughts with Amy

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In 2011, after quitting her job to do The Blending Bar full time from home, Amy was open to trying anything to reduce her worry about how she would pay her rent and buy groceries. A friend had told her about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping, an exercise based on tapping on acupressure points while addressing painful thoughts.

Amy began watching youtube videos and tapping along, quickly noticing a powerful sense of calm and ease when she tapped. This lead to a life-changing relationship with money, that has been fundamental for the growth of her successful business. Along with coaching people to shift their mindset around money, Amy also teaches people to use this and other modalities to relieve stress from pain, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, and other forms of loss.

Bring an open heart and a curious mind!