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Inner Wisdom, Inner Fire Workshop with Corinne

Inner Wisdom, Inner Fire Workshop with Corinne

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Experience how understanding our cyclical body can be deeply empowering, healing on many levels, and life-changing. Recognize and encourage the emergence of each day and each season to celebrate these aspects of ourselves, instead of fearing, ignoring, or denying them. This workshop is for those in their menstruating years, whether menstruating, ovulating and/or have a physical womb.

Join Corinne Underwood on Friday, May 24  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

In The Learning Lounge at The Blending Bar

Pre-registration is required as space is consciously limited.

We will come together in a circle format and will maintain a solid container of safety and respect. Explore meditation and visualization, theory, open discussions, journaling & dyads ceremony. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket, journal and pen.

Corinne Underwood is a Sexual Health Educator, a Certified Empowerment Coach, and a Certified Train the Trainer. She brings expertise, experience and engaging communication skills to inspire and empower others. Corinne is a graduate of the Options for Sexual Health (OPT) - Sexual Health Educator Certification program and of the Erickson International School of Coaching.