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Our 6-Pack of Herbal Teas

Our 6-Pack of Herbal Teas

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Our 6-Pack of Herbal teas go with each of our Signature Scents! They are blended by Chartered Herbalist Stefani Chies from the Artisan Herbal Company. Enjoy our:


Our Balancing Tea is made with Red Rooibos*, Red Clover*, Nettle*, the freshness of Lemon Verbena*, Orange pieces*, and mellow Lavender* makes a lovely addition to this yummy “balanced” blend. (*organic ingredients).

BC Blend

Our BC blend has a base of fresh Peppermint* & the added crispiness of organic Lemon Balm & organic Lemon pieces. (*organic ingredients).

Chai Tea

Cuddle up on our couch & enjoy the spicy aroma of our Chai tea. Green Cardamom*, Ginger*, Black Peppercorn* and Cinnamon* create that yummy spiciness with some  Fennel Seed* for a licorice twist to add a hint of sweetness. (*organic ingredients).

Citrus Bliss

The crisp, uplifting aromas of citrus from the organic Lemon & Orange Peel, with the addition of organic Lemon Balm & Nettle, make this a refreshing tea on ice, or a tasty hot tea. (*organic ingredients).

Flower Garden

You don’t have to be a flower lover to fall in love with this tea blend. It is the perfect blend of Hibiscus*, Rosehips*, and organic Lavender *, a little Red Clover*, Dandelion Root* & is sweetened with stevia leaf. (*organic ingredients).

Spa Blend

Our Spa blend is the perfect tea for the end of the day, made with mellow Lemon Balm*, Chamomile*, Lavender*, with Fennel* & Rosemary* for depth of taste & to round out the flavour.