Integrative Movement Sessions with Kate Quirey

Integrative Movement Sessions with Kate Quirey

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Do you have "Desk Pain"? Stiffness in your neck, shoulders or lower back? How about those stiff knees or ankles, when you go for a walk or workout? What is your balance like? Learn about the small changes that can make a HUGE difference in your mobility and your life. 

Single Sessions with Kate 60 min Session |  $85

4-Pack Sessions with Kate  $320  | 8-Pack Sessions with Kate  $597


Kate Quiery is a Certified Integrative Movement Specialist; has been a trainer in the fitness biz for 30 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. She's seen all the fads come and go and come back again, with a fancy "new" name.  Kate moved to Canada from the UK in 2006 and has established herself as a personal trainer specializing in functional movement and older adults. If asked if she does "boot camps" she'll usually reply "Ain't no boots in my camp! it's more like slippers and wine!". Kate is the founder/owner of Start Now Fitness and does ongoing Workshops and Sessions at The Blending Bar.

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