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Sacred Alignment Session with Ava Curtola, RN + Reiki Master

Sacred Alignment Session with Ava Curtola, RN + Reiki Master

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Empower your life with a Sacred Alignment Session

Drawing from many years experience as a Nurse and Reiki Master of helping and healing others, the Sacred Alignment Session combines both medical science and energy work. By using Reiki, hypnosis, cranio-sacral, reflexology and acupressure, a sacred and unique energy healing is created, bringing you into alignment.

As the chakras align, the vibrations come into balance, creating a palpable shift physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This translates into a new freedom, where the Being can start from neutral, rather from within the trapped traumas they have become accustomed to in their energy.

Our blocked and ignored emotions often manifest in the body as physical or mental pain and sickness. By dusting off and clearing the sludge from the aura, one can find relief, resilience and rejuvenation. After your session, you will feel the difference with your first new step. You will feel lighter, in tune with your body, happier, and healthier.

60 minutes | $125
90 minutes | $155

Enhance your service with a custom aromatherapy blend, invoking a memory connection to your experience. Take your blend home with you to continue receiving the benefits of your session.  

60 minutes + 15 minute Aromatherapy Consult including Custom Blend | $140
90 minutes + 15 minute Aromatherapy Consult including Custom Blend | $170

Ava Curtola: Medical Meets Metaphysical
Ava Curtola, RN, is a holistic therapist who has great warmth and compassion. She empowers, heals, and encourages others to connect with their True Spirit. With more than 3 decades experience in the healthcare field, her focus is to create balance, awareness and practical, scientific instruction in the field of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Ava is trained as a Registered Nurse, Canada-wide CPR instructor, Energy of Birthing founder and facilitator, Waterbirth Specialist, Birth-Trauma Counsellor, Inspirational Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Foot Reflexologist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, and Energy Worker.

This puts her in a unique position to merge her own knowledge and intuition with metaphysical, energy-based concepts, and traditional medicine...achieving Integrative Health. She bridges the best of both worlds.