The Science & Art of Blending Essential Oils Workshops: Part I & 2

The Science & Art of Blending Essential Oils Workshops: Part I & 2

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Join Amy Reedman RA® EOT® and Founder of The Blending Bar®  on Sunday, October 14th for the Introduction to Aromatherapy: Part I. Stay for the afternoon to learn about the Science & Art of Blending Essential Oils: Part II!

Part I: Sunday, October 14 - 9:00 am- 11:00 am &  Part II*: Sunday, October 14 - 11:30 am- 5:00 pm

Space is consciously limited. Pre-registration required.

Part I: Introduction to Aromatherapy with Amy Reedman RA® EOT®, 
Explore what aromatherapy is, what essential oils are when it all began, and why 100% natural is the way to go! Discover where essential oils go when we inhale them, how they get into the bloodstream when applied topically, why it's important to safely dilute these powerful, naturally scented bio-chemicals. Learn why no essential oils are to be taken internally and how poor label regulations, misleading marketing tactics, and controversial information are leaving us confused!  In 2001, Amy learned what aromatherapy isn't before she found out what aromatherapy is and she has been studying, practicing and educating people about this art and science ever since. 


Once you've learned the basics in the Introduction to Aromatherapy: Part I, discover the Science & Art of Blending Essential Oils: Part II*

Part II*: Sunday, October 14 11:30 am- 5:00 pm
Part II*: The Science & Art of Blending Essential Oils with Amy Reedman RA® EOT®
Dive into the aromatic world and discover the biochemical makeup of 10 essential oils. Discover why it's important to learn the Latin name, the part of the plant is used to extract the oil, the therapeutic properties, and the contraindications (when not to use this oil).  Explore different dilutions and applications to use when blending for others, considering their health, age, and general well-being. You’ll then get to create take-home blend of your choice: a calming blend, pain relief or an immune booster!
  • 10 Essential Oil Profiles and experiencing each scent as we learn, providing a memory connection in the brain
  • 5 ml Essential Oil Pulse Point Blend that you'll make and take home
  • Resources & Information about essential Oils, aromatherapy, and blending


Herbal tea & water will be served. Bring snacks or walk to nearby Blenz,  Starbucks, Sushi, or the Pho restaurant for breaks at 11:00 am-11:30 am and 2:30 pm- 3:00 pm.

 Part I: Introduction to Aromatherapy & is required before taking Part II: The Science & Art of Blending Essential Oils

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