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Private Sessions with Leigh Girodat

Private Sessions with Leigh Girodat

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Leigh Girodat is a Shamanic Priestess. Her sessions are for anyone who is ready to begin or move further into, their truest self.

Leigh will be available for Private Sessions on August 21, 22 & 23

Sessions 60 min $95 | 90 min $120

Guided by a knowledge beyond herself Leigh uses many different techniques, from crystals, energy healing, meditation, journeying to assist you. This is about you, you will be doing the work, Leigh is there to create the safest space, that honours and supports you, as you remember your way back to the heart.

Leigh Girodat has always followed her heart, learning that this way of being,  was exactly what she needed, to arrive at where she is today; fully accepting of herself, the dark and the light, and wildly in love with her life. Leigh loves to connect with people who are healing, learning through their own experiences, by discovering their passions, purpose and doing their own unique thing. This type of healing is powerful because you are an active participant in the process. Follow Leigh on Facebook:  or at

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