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Teacher's Gift

Teacher's Gift

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Teachers, we've created an Aromatherapy Gift for you and your students as we celebrate your success and your commitment to the meaningful work you do that is under-recognized.

We acknowledge and honour your commitment and dedication to continue to speak up, requesting the support you require, as you are the voice for our children's' needs.

The Teacher's Gift includes a Plug-in Scentball Diffuser and your choice of 1 of following blends:

  • 5 ml Clarity Diffuser Blend
  • 5 ml Citrus Bliss Diffuser Blend
  • 5 ml Comfort Diffuser Blend
  • 5 ml IBreathe Diffuser Blend

*Please be sure to specify when placing your order what blend you would like and what name you'd like it to say on the label. (i.e. Ms. Smith's Class' Calming Blend)