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The Great Outdoors Trio

The Great Outdoors Trio

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Why 3 Blends to keep Bugs at Bay?

1. While water based sprays evaporate, our non-sticky, non-oily 100% natural lotion absorbs into the skin, for long lasting results. So long, insects!

2. The water-based spray allows the essential oils to stay on hair, clothes, & hats to send the bug-off message. 

3. When those sneaky buggers still manage to bite, you know the itch and irritation- you'll love our top-selling "That's Better"!

Be prepared with The Great Outdoors Trio including:

  • 120ml Body Lotion
  • 120ml Hair/Clothes/Hat Spray
  • 10ml That's Better roll-on

Lotion and spray include essential oils of Eucalyptus Radiata, Cedarwood & Geranium. Check out our Baby & children-safe blends.