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What’s your “Self-Care Cocktail”?


Our Essential Oils

Fir - General Essential OilsWe are simply as picky as they come!  Our Bar has a selection of 80+ Genuine and Authentic Essential oils that have been very carefully chosen from all over the world since 2001, when our Founder Amy Reedman (Self-proclaimed Picky-Pants!) studied to become an “RA EOT” aka Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist.  She’s spent the last 16+ years trying out essential oils from different distillers and suppliers and her self-proclaimed picky needs are not met through any single company or two. 

Her favourite Rose is sourced in one place, Frankincense (aka her boyfriend Frank) another and so on.  Between the experience over time, the beloved response and resonance in the nose and rigorous testing, never on animals, just on our closest family and friends, our increasingly better collection continues to grow. We still purchase in small batches, store in cool, dark place and each oil is freshly poured by hand for you, when you place your order and lovingly sealed with your name on the label.

Our Aromatherapy Menu

Cocktails menuWe offer quite the smorgasboard of custom blended Aromatherapy products, each carefully hand blended fresh for you, with you in mind and served with your name on the label.  Your orders may be picked up from one of our Pick-Up Locations or shipped to you, anywhere across Canada.

Our menu includes but is not limited to Essential Oils, Skin Care, Signature Scents for Companies and Individuals, Essential Oil Blends for AilmentsBath & Body Care, Tree of Life Aromatherapy Lockets, Aromatherapy Diffusers, Locally-Made Eye Pillows and our very own “Amy-ism Infused” Self-Care Cards


Private Sessions

Our private one-on-one sessions with Amy are always unique to meet you where you are today.

We may use any of our “ingredients” listed above to create the perfect session for you, including a custom blend with your session, unless you’ve requested otherwise.

Private Sessions are available at The Blending Bar, in Maple Ridge as well as by phone or online, via FaceTime or Facebook Messenger.

                                                                                            Live Events:  Classes, Courses, Workshops, Parties & More

What Sets Us Apart?

We’re Educated.  We Listen.  We Care.  We Tell the Truth.  We’re up to date with current research.  We do practice with integrity.  Our Products and Services Speak for Themselves.

…and we have over 15 years experience plus annual Continuing Education to stay up to date in this ever-changing industry, according to our Self-Proclaimed “Picky Pants!” (aka Registered Aromatherapist since 2001) who started this whole Blending Bar thing.

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What about Safety?

safety first picAromatherapy can be very confusing and overwhelming and just because something is “natural” does not mean it can’t cause harm!  A couple of examples are that certain essential oils can raise and lower blood pressure and others can bring on menstruation.  There are contraindications for essential oils, (see our Essential Oil Guide here) and without an understanding of appropriate application, dilution and health check, all that vary by oil and person, serious harm can be caused. 

These are very potent liquid bio-chemicals.  I studied aromatherapy for 2 years in 2001 and have attended continuing education conferences most every year…and I’m still learning!  To learn more about safely blending essential oils, check out our SAFETY FIRST:  Aromatherapy Workshop.

Let’s Talk!

telephone old fashionedIf there’s something you’re wondering if essential oils could help with or you’re not sure how to use the ones you’ve already got, please contact us, we get excited and promise to have a ZERO PRESSURE conversation with you.  Save yourself the confusion and overwhelm, and give us a call.  Education is important to us, especially as each book, website, aromatherapy sales rep, wellness coach, company and even those picky Registered Aromatherapists, may tell you something different. We like to hear from you and support, guide and coach you along your aromatic journey.  It makes us feel special.  🙂

Meet Amy Reedman, RA EOT

DSC_8113smFounder and owner of The Blending Bar, Amy Reedman, is a Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist, 200+ Hour Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Healing Touch Practitioner who’s been practicing natural wellness since 1999.  She teaches Gentle Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.


feet in canoe canim lakeInspired by the philosophy, wonder and beauty of yoga, meditation and energy, Amy shares her enthusiasm to reconnect with the breath, breathe fully into life and live authentically with a spark.  Her passion for aromatherapy began in 2001 and it’s powerful physical, emotional and mental connection inspires her to blend this science and art with her sister passions: yoga, mindfulness, energy work, self-care, success with integrity and sharing these with others.  When she’s not teaching or with a client she’s enjoying a road trip up to her parents’ cabin on Canim Lake, reading a book (likely about our “ingredients” or what may soon be one), or enjoying a glass of red wine paired with a deep conversation with a beloved friend.

Cheers to you!


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