Select LOCAL PICKUP after entering "shipping address" when placing your order to pick up at Cloud9 Beautique in Maple Ridge. Shipping from $5 is available on orders over $50. Turnaround is currently 1-3 business days or you can shop in-store for select Blending Bar products from our partner stockists!

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 A Refreshing Bar Experience

A Refreshing Bar Experience

The Blending Bar online shop serves up fresh essential oils and aromatherapy products that are handcrafted by our trained Aromatherapists. We provide budget-friendly delivery across Canada and convenient local order pick ups at Cloud9 Beautique in Maple Ridge, BC. If you're looking to bring more zen into your life, we provide online workshops, classes and private sessions that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Connect with us on Facebook + Instagram or here click to learn more about us.


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