Our Story

A Truly Refreshing Bar Experience

Welcome back to Breathing. Welcome back to You. Welcome to The Blending Bar! The Blending Bar online shop serves up fresh essential oils and aromatherapy products that are hand crafted by our trained Aromatherapists. We offer budget-friendly delivery across Canada and convenient local order pick ups at Cloud9 Beautique in Maple Ridge, BC. If you're looking to bring more zen into your life, we provide online workshops, classes and private sessions that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. You can also find us at local pop up events in our home community of Maple Ridge. Please check our social feed for news on where to find us out and about around town. 

Amy Reedman is a Registered Aromatherapist and the founder of The Blending Bar. She has been sourcing essential oils from around the world since 2001, when she began studying aromatherapy at Douglas College. Amy is a dedicated self-care guide, who is continually learning new ways to provide tools for others to find peace within themselves. She is a Registered Aromatherapist (RA) and Essential Oil Therapist (EOT) since 2003 and become a Yoga Teacher in 2008, now certified in Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Further, she incorporates mindfulness, subtle energy work, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) into her classes. Amy’s breadth of knowledge and deep caring for others lead her to open The Blending Bar in 2009. She infuses essential oils into her practice, providing a unique blend of classes, private sessions, and workshops online and in the community. Leading group retreats and speaking engagements allows her to dive deeper into the subjects that she loves, while connecting with people at one at a time.



Lydia has been a vital part of The Blending Bar since 2017. A few months after joining the team, Lydia enrolled at the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, as recognized by the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy, where she is studying to become a Registered Aromatherapist. Lydia is our-house aromatherapy sommelier! She is particularly talented at putting together different scent profiles from each of the essential oils she is working with to craft blends that will blow your hair back!