Authentic You. How Refreshing!

Meet the Team

We have a truly holistic approach at The Blending Bar. We intend to create a safe and supportive space with products and services that nurture the whole self- physically, emotionally and mentally.Your Blending Bartenders are an experienced team of Registered Aromatherapists, Student Aromatherapists, and Aromatherapy Assistants, whose attention and care is reflected in the essence of your blends, the comfort of your services and your overall experience.

Welcome to The Blending Bar. Welcome to You. Welcome Home.  

Amy Reedman, RA® EOT®, Founder and President of The Blending Bar

In 2001, Amy learned what aromatherapy isn't! She began studying aromatherapy that year, with a commitment to educating people about true aromatherapy & the safe use of pure essential oils. In 2011, The Blending Bar became her full-time private practice; Amy offers a unique blend of workshops (like her “Success with Integrity” Program and “The Self-Care Series”), speaking engagements & private sessions that incorporate essential oils, yoga, mindfulness, EFT Tapping, and more. In 2017, she expanded her team and opened The Blending Bar's first brick and mortar shop in the heart of Maple Ridge. Amy also teaches Yoga with a focus on Relaxation & Self- Care. For more info about Amy's schedule click here.  

*Private Yoga sessions with Amy are available at The Blending Bar.


Crystal Parent, Registered Aromatherapist RA® EOT® &The Blending Bar Manager. 

Having a long-time love affair with essential oils, CP became a Registered aromatherapist in 2016. She loves to encourage our guests to explore the properties of essential oils and find ways to incorporate Self-Care into their daily lives. And if you want to talk skin care... 







Lydia Martin, Aromatherapy Student 

After being part of the Christmas season support team, Lydia is now studying to become a Registered Aromatherapist. She loves the sensory experience of working at The Bar, "It’s a unique and beautiful space for healing, learning, and experiencing the beauty of essential oils!"