Authentic You. How Refreshing!

Aroma-Cocktail Party

Aroma-Cocktail Party

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You are Invited to an Aroma-Cocktail Party!

It’s about You

To kick off the evening, you and your guests will each choose an Aromatherapy Insight Card revealing the name of an essential oil. We will share the physical, emotional and energetic properties of each guest’s chosen essential oil to honour each One-of- a-Kind person.

Shake it Up

Using a Martini Shaker we will shake up a 120 ml Face & Space Spray adding and blending together all of the essential oils that each guest chose to honour the collective energy of your group. We will then present each person to a light mist of your group’s unique Aromatic Face Spray honouring their individual connection to the group while celebrating the beauty of joining together. How Refreshing!

Happy Hour

The scent of your group’s One-of-a-Kind Blend will stamp an emotional connection in the brain to remember this moment of connection, relaxation, and celebration. Each guest will receive a Face & Space Spray blended with your Party’s Signature Scent to continue soaking up the goodness long after the party comes to an end... 

Let's Talk Money

Your Aroma-Cocktail Party is $40+ beloved gst per person, (min 6 people). Everyone attending will receive a 120 ml Face & Space Spray. We will be serving one of our Signature Herbal Teas as well as water. Please feel free to bring snacks. (No alcohol). 

Time to Book your Party!

When booking a private group event, a 50% deposit is due when making your reservation. The deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to your event, less a $25 administration fee. The remaining amount is due 30 days prior to the event. No refunds for cancellations within 30 days before the event.

On occasion and due to unforeseen circumstances, we may need to reschedule your previously booked appointment(s). Please be assured that on such occasions we have exhausted all other options. We will do our best to accommodate your needs at our earliest convenience.