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Brand your Business with a Signature Scent

Brand your Business with a Signature Scent

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*Included in the price of your consultation is a 5ml of your custom diffuser blend created with Amy.

Help Them Make The Connection

The sense of smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. This is why the whiff of a certain perfume will remind you of your first girlfriend, the smell of freshly baked banana bread takes you back to childhood, or the scent of rosemary brings back memories of your trip to Spain.

In the exact same way, you can create an emotional connection between your clients and your brand, products, and services.

Step 1: Formulate your Signature Scent

Book your private 60 minute session with a Registered Aromatherapist at The Blending Bar. Share what you want your customers to feel when doing business with you. What experience will your product or service invoke? Together we'll create an aromatic formulation that reflects the brand & culture of your business. 

Step 2: Create an Experience

During your session we will discuss the best way to incorporate your Signature Scent into your business. From the scent of your office, to the products you incorporate, or infused in the packaging, we will formulate a signature scent that create a layered experience for your clients.

Step 3: Invoke a Lasting Memory

Discover the best application for you or find out how to develop your line of custom labelled products to order wholesale. Branded diffuser blends and room/linen sprays will personalize your merchandise and your space. Wear your signature scent with a roll-on or body lotion to bring your brand with you, wherever you go. Let us put together gift collections to thank your customers.

Why have a Signature Scent?

  • Create the atmosphere you desire; calming, refreshing, or you decide!
  • Connect with your clients in the most memorable way.
  • Add Signature Scented products to your product line.
  • Display your Branded Signature Scent at The Blending Bar, where your next potential clients will experience your brand before even meeting you.
Let us stamp your brand through an emotional connection in the brain, while you take care of business.

Click here to explore the Signature Scents we have co-created with our local partners and businesses.

"What a great decision it was to have a Signature Scent done for my business by the aromatherapy geniuses at The Blending Bar. Not only does it make for a unique client gift, but it’s an essential enhancement to any wellness or coaching service. Having a custom blended scent sweetly packaged up with my logo and branding has been a treat to offer my clients.” - Sandy Dow