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Nitty Gritty Scalp Oil

Nitty Gritty Scalp Oil

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Back-to-school, unfortunately, means that parents are back to checking their children’s heads … for lice!

The Blending Bar has a new line of products to help! These blends are made with kid-friendly essential oils and can be blended in dilutions suitable for ages 2 to 6 year-olds, 7 to 12-year-olds and teens to adults. 

Our Nitty Gritty Spray is easy to use and to comb through your child's hair on a daily basis while there is an outbreak in your child's classroom or daycare.


For longer hair or a persistent infestation, we have our Nitty Gritty Scalp Oil which can be used as an overnight treatment to help to smother the lice.   

Our Nitty Gritty Scalp Blend comes 5 ml or 10 ml sizes. You can add drops to your family's Shampoo (In the proper dilutions) to wash their hair. you can also add it to the family hair conditioner and use it as a leave on treatment to smother the lice and condition your child's hair. (Be careful not to get this blend into little eyes)

Nitty Gritty Trio includes a 120 ml Nitty Gritty Scalp Spray, 120 ml Nitty Gritty Scalp Oil and a 5 ml Nitty Gritty Scalp Blend.  $58