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Surrender Bath Salts 520g

Surrender Bath Salts 520g

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Our Surrender Bath Salts create a bath experience that is as exquisite as soaking in a natural hot spring, without stepping out your door. Add 1-2 tbsp to warm bath. Soak it Up & enjoy!

Ingredients: Solar Sea Salts, Sodium bicarbonate, & Apricot Kernel Oil.
Essential Oils: Pine, Marjoram, Frankincense & Lavender

*Our Solar Sea Salts are naturally dried under the sun, free from any commercial chemical processes. 

External use only. May sensitize skin. Use sparingly. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding this is not the best essential oil blend for you. May inhibit some homeopathic remedies. Avoid with children under age 5. Increases photosensitivity. Avoid sunlight and tanning beds for 12 hours after use.