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Essential Oils Starter Kit

Essential Oils Starter Kit

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Maybe you’re considering studying aromatherapy or you want to have a collection of the “must-have oils” at home to start doing a little home blending for yourself! If you already have an oil or would like a different one, let us know and we can switch out oils to customize your kit.*

Including the following 10 essential oils:

5 ml Peppermint essential oil  Mentha piperita

5 ml Lavender essential oil  Lavendula angustifolia

5 ml German/Blue Chamomile essential oil 3% in Jojoba  Matricaria chamomilla

5 ml Frankincense essential oil  Boswellia thurifera

5 ml Eucalyptus essential oil  Eucalyptus radiata

5 ml Geranium essential oil  Pelargonium graveolens

5 ml Rosemary essential oil  Rosemarinus officinalis

5 ml Lemon essential oil  Citrus limonum

5 ml Sweet Orange essential oil  Citrus sinensis

5 ml Clove essential oil  Eugenia caryophyllata

*Switching oils may change the price of the kit.