10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat

10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat

10 Days in Silence

A New Respect for Moral Precepts

A New Workshop

A New Me?

One of the things I appreciate about where I live is the quiet.

Last month I learned the difference between quiet and...silence.

I spent 10 days at a Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat. (Yes, me! 😲) There was no journalling, no reading, no phone and no communication with anyone there or in the outside world for a week and a half. 4:00 am-9:00 pm everyday, I practiced sitting completely still, in silence and focusing on my breath and the physical sensations I noticed. That's it. Boring is an understatement. Sitting with boredom was also just the tip of the iceberg. There was so much underneath it to see!

Guess what wasn't quiet? My mind!

Since returning home, I have noticed some interesting shifts in perspective... perhaps more patience and an incredible desire to meditate- as if I hadn't had enough of it?! Let me preface what I'm about to say by making something very clear.

I am not a big rule follower.

Sure, some rules are valid however unless I personally deem the rule as necessary, I align with the wise words of my Dad, "they don't mean us". To my surprise, I not gained a deeper understanding of the five moral precepts required to undertake for the duration of the course.

I genuinely appreciate and respect this code of discipline. Who 'dis? 

In Vipassana Meditation, the moral conduct is to develop concentration of mind and purification of the mind. This code of discipline is not unlike the moral codes or social restraints known as the Yama's in Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga as taught in the Yoga Sutras.

Want to Learn More?

Discover how these principles may help you deepen your yoga or meditation practice, provide insight to better navigate the challenges faced by living today and help you cultivate more meaningful relationships in my new experiential workshop!

EMBODYING THE YAMA'S: The First Limb of Yoga.*

📍Maple Ridge | Epic Yoga & Fitness
Saturday, May 6 | 1:30pm- 3:30pm

SIGN UP at Epic Yoga & Fitness

📍Port Coquitlam | Sadhana Yoga & Sound
Sunday, May 7 | 1:00pm-3:00pm

SIGN UP at Sadhana Yoga & Sound

📍Chemainus | Vancouver Island The Hive Collective
Saturday, May 13 | 12:30pm-2:30pm

SIGN UP at The Hive Collective

If you can't make it on the dates scheduled, get on the waitlist for the next time this workshop will be available by emailing info@theblendingbar.ca with subject, WAITLIST for Embodying the Yama's Workshop.

Did I Enjoy the Retreat?

Define enjoy. Was it a pleasure? No.

Was it good for me?

Abso-FN-lutely! If you are considering signing up for 10 days in silence, maybe give me a call first. Let's have coffee.

Am I signing up for another retreat?

Not today, friend! Not today.

Do I regret going?

Not one bit.

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