Roll On vs. Diffuser: It's more than a preference, let's talk benefits!

Roll On vs. Diffuser: It's more than a preference, let's talk benefits!

Not sure how to choose the best application for you and your concerns?

Applications like massage oils, lotions, diffuser blends, bath salts, roll ons, sprays and inhalers all work in different ways so how do you know when to do what?

Lotions: This application is excellent for getting the healing properties of the essential oils into the deeper layers of the skin - this is where cellular regeneration occurs so inflammatory conditions of the skin can be helped immensely by lotions containing the right blend of essential oils to promote healthy tissue. Our 100% all natural lotion base itself is a wonderful blend of plant botanicals to promote soft, healthy, and hydrated skin.

Massage | Bath | Body Oils: Especially beneficial for painful joints, muscular tension and any other condition where the body would benefit from massage. The added benefit of the heat created from the action of massage will help the essential oils to penetrate quicker into the tissues and can help relieve pain, inflammation, and tension. It can also double up as a bath oil, so for deeper relaxation try applying to the body before getting into the bath or simply adding a few pumps to your bath water. Our massage oil base is a nutrient rich blend of carrier oils that can support healthy supple skin so consider using alone or blending with our Lotion for dry skin and when the skin barrier has been compromised (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, et cetera).

Bath Salts: An aromatherapy bath is amazing for calming the mind, aiding with stress, relieving muscular tension or joint pain and boosting the immune system. Hydrotherapy with the addition of both inhalation and absorption of essential oils on top of the benefits soaking in salt water is quite a powerful experience. Our bath salts are a unique formula that begins with solar sea salts that are naturally dried under the sun to retain the therapeutic properties, washed to remove impurities, kiln dried then screened and tested for quality control. To the solar salts, we add skin softening sodium bicarbonate, nourishing jojoba oil, and the finest quality, 100% pure, genuine and authentic essential oils.  

Diffuser Blends: Ideal for respiratory conditions (cough, cold, congestion) and for impacting your emotional state or general mood or feel of your space. Less is more! Up to 6 drops of an essential oil in your diffuser for 15-30 minutes is perfect. Less is more!

Roll Ons: By applying the oils topically, you'll also naturally absorb essential oils through the skin, so you will literally soak up the benefits of the oils as they dance through the bloodstream for hours to days. We often use a stronger dilution of essential oils as a small amount is applied to a small area on the body with a roll on compared to a massage oil. 

Sprays: An excellent choice for an a quick energy boost, familiar bedtime blend or comforting pick-me-up as acute inhalation is the quickest way to impact the brain! Many aromatherapy sprays can be used interchangeably as face, body, room, yoga mat, pillow and linen sprays but this is not always the case. Some sprays are best for room and linen versus topical application as certain essential oils may increase photosensitivity (increasing chances of a sunburn), others may irritate the skin (such as hot oils like Cinnamon), and certain oils may cause skin sensitization (creating an allergy from overuse). As essential oils separate in water, it is important to shake well before each use. Made with purified water and 100% pure, genuine and authentic essential oils, our all natural sprays are preservative free. We recommend using your spray within 6 months of opening.

InhalersAromatherapy Inhalers are an excellent way to quickly receive the immediate benefits of acute inhalation + they're great for scent-free zones, or if your favourite scent is not your partner's! ;) Pick up a refill of the essential oil blend to freshen up as needed.

If you need any help selecting the right product for your needs, please reach out to us any time, our trained Registered Aromatherapists are here to help. They get excited! 

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