Photosensitivity: Sun, Skin + Essential Oils

Photosensitivity: Sun, Skin + Essential Oils

It's important to be mindful of what essential oils are in the products you're applying topically before going into the sun. When exposed to the sun or UV light, some essential oils can increase photosensitivity. This means experiencing moderate to severe redness (sunburn), irritation, and/or possible blistering for up to 72 hours after use. 

Essential oils to avoid before exposure to the sun or using tanning beds include Bergamot, cold expressed Lemon, Lime, and Bitter Orange. Please note we use Bergamot FCF which is safe to be used topically before sun exposure. "FCF" means "furocoumarin free" which means that the phototoxic constituents (furocoumarins) have been removed. It is best to also avoid steam distilled and cold pressed Grapefruit although these essential oils are a slightly lower risk. Other essential oils that may cause a skin reaction include Angelica Root, Cumin, Rue, Cinnamon Bark & Lemon Verbena. 

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It is essential to find out what ingredients are in the products you're applying topically, inhaling and ingesting. Click here to find out why we do not recommend ingesting ANY essential oils- even if recommended by aromatherapy companies and if approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 

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