What are the Best Essential Oils?

What are the Best Essential Oils?

Thank you for asking! The truth is I'm as picky as they come & yes, I happen to be a Certified Aromatherapist & Essential Oil Therapist since studying this science & art since 2001. I'm not putting any brand of oils up or down here nor am I suggesting multi-level marketing/ direct sales/ or retail are bad.

Sadly our legal label regulations are ridiculously poor so even if a product claims to be 100% natural, pure, 17th party tested, therapeutic grade, so-called food grade or has a trademark that gives it the misleading appearance of being approved by a higher authority or governing body, it may simply be a commercial trademark that the company purchased. This feels sneaky and dishonest to me. Different parts of the world, growing conditions, farming methods, distilling time, pouring and bottling systems, and temperature during shipping all play a critical role of the essence or vitality of an essential oil. Much of this can not be tested or measured- it's simply in the experience with the essential oil.

Let's remember that essential oils come from the earth and who am I to say that this market or that has the best fruit & veggies- better than any other fruits and veggies, especially without trying them out for myself. I don't feel like we can even make such claims on Mother Nature's work- it's not like a computer program that's measurable because it's faster or more effective than another. I've had the blessed opportunity to try out oils from all over the world & countless companies. For me, no ONE company meets all my picky needs. I like Rose from one source, Tea Tree from another, Juniper from another and so on.

Instead of blindly believing in the perhaps brilliant, possibly manipulative marketing of this "company" or that "expert" to have or be the best of the best, I encourage you to kindly step back in to your power and listen to how you feel when you smell an oil, speak to someone about that oil and ask questions. These oils are from Mother Nature. Listen to her.

What does your gut say? Do you feel pressured or sucked in? Do you feel calm and empowered? Do you feel like you "need" these oils or products? Do you recognize that you're completely okay without them also? Are you choosing to make an investment from a calm, heart-centered, clear-minded state? Does this decision align with your values, budget, and lifestyle?

Honouring the wise words of the Buddha, "Don't blindly believe what I say. See for yourself". Same goes for marketing tactics, labels & yes even the loud mouth, picky-pants know-it-all Aromatherapists!  Honour your intuition, use essential oils safely, ask questions, get educated, try out different suppliers and compare them and ask about the training of the person who's offering to sell them to you or asking to recruit you to sell them for or with them. Follow your beloved heart with the eyes & ears open...and remember, the nose knows! 


Amy Reedman

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  • Amy Reedman
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