How Essential Oils + Herbs Support your Immune System

How Essential Oils + Herbs Support your Immune System

Seasonal Allergies or a Cold?

While some symptoms like sneezing, runny or stuffy nose are common with season allergies and a cold, other experiences distinguish the two. Viral infections, unlike seasonal allergies, may cause a sore throat or cough and/or fever and seasonal allergies may result with puffy eyelids and dark marks under the eyes. A cold may bring on a fever while seasonal allergies do not. 

A 2024 article published by the Mayo Clinic states that "colds are caused by your immune system's response when you catch a virus. Seasonal allergies are triggered by your immune system's response to allergens, such as pollen". 

Seasonal allergies and the common cold are both natural responses of a healthy immune system. Find out what you can do to breathe easy through allergy season and to recover quickly if you catch a bug with the right combination and application of aromatherapy for you.

Powerhouse Essential Oils

Let's talk about essential oils that benefit the immune system and help with symptoms that come with seasonal allergies and the common cold.

  • Eucalyptus is a go-to for opening airways. We use Eucalyptus radiata instead of Eucalyptus globulus as it is gentle and, when used in the right dilution, is safe for children under 5. 
  • Frankincense (aka Amy's boyfriend Frank) is incredible for the immune system as it calms the nervous system, opens breathing passageways, and is gentle and safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Rosemary is a great oil to start your day and Marjoram is helpful to use at bedtime. Both oils open airways and Rosemary helps stimulate the brain while Marjoram is a good choice when feeling drained, exhausted and overwhelmed.
  • Rosalina, from the Tea Tree family, is great for kids.

Can Essential Oils Help?

Essential oils are made up of aromatic organic compounds that have therapeutic properties. Phenols are powerful antiseptics and are excellent stimulants for the immune system. Essential oils high in phenols include Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Clove (Eugenia Caryophyllata) and Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis). Caution: Keep in mind that spicy oils can be skin irritants so these are best to use in a diffuser and in small amounts. 

Not only are single oils amazing for immunity, but they more therapeutic when blended together as they enhance the benefits of each other. Get the synergistic benefits of all the above mentioned powerhouse oils in our popular I'm No Thief blend.

Breathe 3x

In addition to supporting your immune system, our Breathe line help to alleviate symptoms of respiratory issues. The Breathe blends include decongestant and expectorant oils, to help clear your airways and rid your chest of mucus and phlegm. Keep in mind that while cough and cold products suppress coughs, coughing gets the phlegm out of your body.

For best results, we recommend the Breathe Trio that combines the benefits of layering absorption with both passive and acute inhalation to help ease the discomfort from seasonal allergies or a cold. These three products are designed to be used together to work synergistically to deliver maximum results.

  • The Breathe Roll On allows the essential oils to absorb in topically through skin and into the bloodstream. It is applied under the jawline to get into the lympathic and circulatory system, and lasts for 6-8 hours.
  • The Breathe Diffuser Blend provides passive inhalation and also cleans the air. We recommend 1-6 drops to be diffused for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • The Breathe Inhaler works through acute inhalation, going straight to the brain and bloodstream.

Fever, aches and pains can come along with a cold or flu and our popular Surrender Massage Oil delivers anti-inflammatory and analgesic relief.

Stop the spread of germs with our Sani Spray Hand Sanitizer.

Restful sleep is essential for the body to heal and restore homeostasis. Our Restful Slumber collection is designed to help the body and mind rest deeply.

Stress and Illness

Stress has a direct impact on our immune system. The stress response suppresses the immune system, increasing susceptibility to colds and other illnesses. It is crucial to keep the nervous system calm to help our immune system work better. Reach for your favourite supportive blends such as Balancing, Self-Care, Citrus Bliss or Time Out to encourage calm and comfort. Regular exercise and taking time to rest and recharge daily are also important ways to help manage the stresses of daily life.

Herbal Supports

Herbal teas and elixirs contribute to immune health. Check out our collection of therapeutic grade herbal teas to boost your vitality.

Take Care and Get Care

While essential oils are excellent to help strengthen the immune system and alleviate symptoms, please make sure to see a doctor or health provider when you are unwell. Essential oils complement the whole way of caring for ourselves, working with other forms of therapy and medicine to keep our bodies well.

If you have any questions on the information above, contact us. We would love to hear from you!


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